In 1871, 20 young men, who were charter members, met to form a club, and called it the “Ours” Club.  They rented two rooms in the Hoadley Building at the corner of Church and Crown Streets.  They could hardly have envisioned today’s Q Club with its chimneyed dignity and its Georgian-wrapped comforts shouldered in between high office buildings. 
The transformation from “Ours”, a limited social club, to Quinnipiack, a modern community club, had come about in little more than six years.  The Quinnipiack Club and its members had defined a role which they followed soberly and perhaps even righteously.
On August 11, 1930, the building committee presented before the governors a series of “lantern slides” showing interior and exterior plans and designs for the new building.  The general style of the building is Georgian along purely traditional lines.  It was designed to resemble a large colonial house with a rear wing.  Structurally, however, it is a steel frame fireproof building. 
The Quinnipiack Club continued to operate in that building until 2012 when the club ceased operations and became part of the Graduate Club.  The Graduate Club was eventually renamed The Elm City Club with two clubhouses, The Graduate Clubhouse and The Q Clubhouse.  The Elm City Club is a Premiere Club in downtown New Haven.